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The "Vizioneer" comes from mashing two words that have shaped my world for most of my adult life - Engineer and [data] Visualizations (or Vizes to those who know what's up). Graduating from first from Oglethorpe University in Atlanta, followed by Georgia Tech with my Bachelors and Masters in Civil Engineering, all of which taught me to think through anything and everything - problem solving, "engineering" solutions, teaching to the "ah ha" moments - is what I love to do. In 2010 that investigative, engineering mindset intersected a job change and a plunge into the world of Data Analysis. In the search for the next great thing I stumbled on to a data visualization and dashboarding product called Tableau software and things just took off. So now I guess you could call me that engineer with the sweet data visualizations - or just "The Vizioneer" :)

In 2013, I joined the incredible team at Slalom, focusing on Tableau and it's been an amazing experience. Recently in 2014, I was honored and humbled to receive Tableau's highest recognition of being named a Tableau Zen Master. Follow along to see what happens next :)

Saturday, April 9, 2016

The Journey Begins/Ends on my Birthday

They say that a journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step. What about when you go 8000 miles? Well for me, that journey began by staying none other then Tableau Zen Master Peter Gilks who was gracious enough to let me stay with him just a few days after having his appendix out-get well soon Peter!

Since leaving out of JFK in New York City, I’ve made the long trip across the Atlantic ocean (15 hours!) to Johannesburg, South Africa. Somewhere over the Atlantic ocean, depending on what time zone you’re looking at, the clock struck midnight and I turned 32 years old - today is my birthday!

From there, my journeys continued north to Lusaka, Zambia just a short two hour plane ride away. From the moment I landed to this moment right now, Lusaka has been an experience. Starting with the fact that their airport has no gates (they roll the stairs out to the door of the plane), to having one of the best meals of my life earlier this evening with some amazingly enjoyable company, Lusaka has not disappointed.

Here's a video of each step in the journey:

By tomorrow afternoon our entire gang should be here and we will begin the task set before us to take the next steps for the eradication of malaria and furthering our partnership with PATH.

Many thanks -


  1. Good luck on your adventure dude!

  2. Good luck on your adventure dude!

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